John P. Milton Publications


John P. Milton founded Way of Nature as a Fellowship, a worldwide Nature-based teaching and training system to help modern people realize and reconnect with the Three Natures. John’s teachings draw upon many decades of practice in various styles of meditation: Zazen, T’ai Chi, Qigong, Dzogchen, and extensive personal vision questing, starting at age seven. His trainings are also informed by direct teachings from many of the world’s outstanding spiritual teachers and lineages. From this comprehensive background coupled with his lifelong passion with wild nature, John has created and essentialized a path of unique key principles and disciplines that flow from Universal Source, supporting students to profoundly reconnect to the “natural family” of all life. 


As a pioneering ecologist, spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader and shaman, John has influenced countless people in all parts of the world through his teachings, writings, photography, videos, podcasts, retreats, passages, quests, and his many ongoing contributions toward consciousness evolution in Nature. He continues to develop integrative systems and regenerative approaches helping students participate with the Way of Nature process more synergistically. John is committed to bringing healing and balance to this planet and all its inhabitants.

Essential Teachings for WoN Participants

Printed Publications

Sky Above, Earth Below:

Spiritual practice in Nature

2006, Sentient Publications
Designed as a referential book to introduce students to the Way of Nature process. Sky Above, Earth Below will enhance your life leading you toward greater balance and harmony, relaxed and alive with possibility, fully engaged in the moment. You will learn energy cultivation practices that open your heart and expand your understanding of how unequaled the power of Nature is to transform our lives. Highly recommended for all beginning WoN students.
“This book summarizes John Milton's lifetime of deep exploration of nature based spiritualities and traditions. What he teaches is a world view and specific practices that complement the teachings of the major religions - how could they not be since they help us deepen our connection with and relationship to the natural world, nature. It's really accessible and includes specific meditations and practices that if practiced will shift your consciousness and wake up awareness that's always been right there but somehow elusive. I recommend this book highly and if you want to take this further, join John on one of his sacred quests in nature - it'll be a life changing experience that you'll not regret.” -Amazon review

Cultivating Natural Liberation:

Teachings on reconnecting with the 3 Natures

Volume One, 2018, Way of Nature
Box-Set with 56 6”x9'' individual “leaves.” Designed to be a water-resistant unique field book with beautiful images allowing you to explore the deep connection to the rest of life and all species in outer Nature, this book opens up fields of inner emotions, thoughts and perceptions to refine and deepen your connection to both inner and outer Nature. It supports your path of recognition to your true Nature or source. Created for Way of Nature students in their evolution with these essentialized teachings from John in a format to be taken out into Nature. New teachings are included that are not in Sky Above, Earth Below.
“Wonderful! A spiritual road map. A comprehensive guide showing how to build a personal connection with Nature, and follow one's own senses through the layers of awareness to Source. This work is an incredible distilled picture of some of the highest teachings of the world's major spiritual wisdom traditions. With practices that you can use to refine your senses and expand your spiritual awareness. The beautiful illustrations are a teaching themselves. This book is a perfect complement to John P. Milton's book, Sky Above Earth Below. Highly recommend! Thank you, John P. Milton!” -Amazon Review

Visual Media

Qigong for Long Life  

Series of DVD’s, 2005 (downloadable videos coming soon)
These essential Qigong practices integrate classical teachings with those designed by John to specifically and energetically support the overall Way of Nature energy cultivation system and process. Unlike any other Qigong teachings, this original and unique Qigong system was created and designed by John to be shared with the Way of Nature community to support a long and healthy life and to lay a foundation for connecting to your True Nature. Highly recommended for all WoN students.

Cleanse and Build Inner Qi

The living energy of nature - known as qi in Chinese medicine - is a power you can channel for improving your own health. On Cleanse & Build Inner Qi, Qigong master John P. Milton teaches you how to use that energy to purify and renew your physical body.


Cultivate Longevity

In Cultivate Longevity, John P. Milton teaches the fundamentals of Chinese longevity practice, to clear blockages from your body's energy channels, develop your connection to the world around you, and use your natural batteries to store the vast energy of qi.


Develop Qi Strength and Power

John P. Milton's most advanced and powerful Qigong techniques for absorbing qi from your environment, safely storing energy in the body's natural power centers, and using that energy to propel your health and vitality to incredible heights.


T'ai Chi for Liberation: 

An ancient practice from Wudang Mountain, China

DVD, 2009
On T’ai Chi for Liberation, John P. Milton reveals a vital practice missing from most T’ai Chi in the West. Also known as “Wuji T’ai Chi,” this secret practice was created at Wudang Mountain in the 13th century by the legendary Taoist master Zhang Sanfeng. Now Milton, one of few Western teachers invited as an honored Taoist cultivator to Wudang, presents a training program for practicing this revered art.
This non-martial style form of T’ai Chi liberates the human energy body, freeing it of blockages and obscurations, and helps you connect and integrate the 8 fundamental qualities of the Universe (the bagua). It helps to serve as an energetic foundation for realizing the Tao and experiencing Source itself.

Audio Media

Sky Above, Earth Below:

A complete course on spiritual practice in Nature

Audio Book, 1999
The original audio teachings that inspired the book, Sky Above, Earth Below, in this audio series, John presents his Six Core Principles essentialized from his Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation.
Audio Sample

Publications & Projects that Helped Launch the Environmental Movement

Historical References

Future Environments of North America: 

Transformation of a continent

1966, Edited by John P. Milton and Sir Frank Frazer, Doubleday and Co.
Supporting the genesis of the environmental movement and bringing greater awareness to the global breakdown of natural and human systems, this seminal book is a record of the Study and Research Conference convened by the Conservation Foundation in April 1965.
Attended by highly influential leaders and innovators across many disciplines and organizations, this Conference led to greater understanding of the vast ecological and whole system consequences underway and their impact on modern society and the whole planet. Attendees experienced a dramatic shift in their understanding of the totality and interconnectedness of ecological factors, moving from a narrow focus or discipline to a broader global vision.
John P. Milton, who was one of the primary organizer’s of this Conference, was one of the first to choose the word “environment” to convey a commonly understood whole systems perspective to help address the emerging planetary crisis.

The Careless Technology:

Ecology and international development

1972, Doubleday & Co.
The next breakthrough in helping to birth the environmental movement worldwide, this book culminated from extensive research undertaken to aid and revolutionize economic development practices globally.
Including over 200 Harvard style case studies, it explores and reveals the relationship between modern economic and technological development in less developed nations and the negative ecological impacts that modern development creates.
This book resulted in a massive wake up call to the devastating effects of unrestrained development projects on local cultures and ecosystems and its unparalleled destructive impact on a global scale. These case studies provided much needed data to help support the first United Nations Conference on the Environment held in Stockholm in 1972.

Ecological Principles for Economic Development

1973, John Wiley & Sons.
Taking all the lessons from the first two books and essentializing them into a series of ecological principles that can be applied to large scale economic development projects, this pioneering book explores the convergent paths of ecology and economy and understanding the deep impact of human interaction with the natural world.
One of the earliest contributions to the field of ecology and global economic development, it spawned new ideas, systems and directions for creating responsible earth stewardship models to reverse ecologically devastating practices.
Intended to influence developers to better understand how natural systems work and how to build harmoniously with the natural world.

Implications of Rising Carbon Dioxide Content of the Atmosphere:

A statement of trends and implications of carbon dioxide research reviewed at a conference of scientists

1963, New York: The Conservation Foundation.
In 1963, as a striving and young visionary ecologist, John P. Milton along with other prominent colleagues, documented the mounting scientific evidence of the unprecedented increase in carbon emissions in the environment. 
This was one of the first such revelations regarding carbon emissions and the dire consequences and impact of modern development on a planetary level.  This work undertaken by the Conservation Foundation accomplished a significant milestone of bringing much needed awareness to a growing problem, an important development in the history and trajectory of the global climate change movement.

Global Wilderness Protection and Preservation

Nameless Valleys, Shining Mountains

1970, Walker & Co.
John P. Milton’s record of a personal expedition into the vanishing wilderness of Alaska's Brooks Range.

Wilderness U.S.A.

1973, National Geographic Society.
Alaska section written and photographed by John P. Milton.

Earth and the Great Weather:

The Brooks Range

1973, Friends of the Earth.
Photos contributed by John P. Milton.


The Flow of Wildness

1968, Sierra Club.
Introduction by John P. Milton.

Guale, the Golden Coast of Georgia

1974, Friends of the Earth.
Introduction by John P. Milton.