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Natural Renewal

Natural Renewal is an introductory program to the Way of Nature process, essentializing the components of our multi-day programs. This program is ideal for those who are drawn to the Way of Nature process, but are not yet ready for an overnight solo.

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Nature Quest

Our Nature Quest programs are specifically designed for those people who yearn to deepen their connection with Nature, but would prefer a shorter program. The two to nine day Nature Quest programs are often run over a weekend and are custom tailored to the local bio-region.

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Sacred Passage

Our twelve-day Sacred Passage is the foundational program for Way of Nature. This program offers you a unique opportunity to explore your intrinsic spiritual connection to all of Nature and to the Source of all Being.

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Advanced Programs

28 & 44 day AllOne programs give your mind and body a well-deserved break; One that not only releases stress and emotional/energetic blockages, but will change the way you forever view yourself and the World around you. This is more than a retreat... It's a rebirth.

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Organizational & Leadership Development

Learn how you can increase workplace productivity, enthusiasm, and creativity while improving interpersonal relationships and revolutionizing your business with integrity and respect for the Earth! 

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As you connect deeper and deeper into your Inner Nature,

surrounded by the comfort and beauty of Outer Nature, 

you will experience a “coming home” to your True Nature.

Awareness Training, Contemporary Solo Wilderness Quests and
Meditation Retreats in Nature

Way of Nature (WoN) offers a variety of retreat experiences in some of the most pristine sacred lands on Earth. From contemporary Vision Quests to interfaith Source Awareness training, our offerings appeal to those of all ages and backgrounds.
Blending meditative time spent alone (AllOne) in nature with Awareness Training inspired by many of the world's great liberating traditions, our programs offer a Universal approach to accessing Source, nurturing deep communion with Gaia, and revealing your unique core purpose. WoN participants are drawn to the deep heart and soul opening experience of the Way of Nature process.
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The WoN process and programs are designed to:

Assist in the recognition of Source Awareness as the liberating, foundational nature of ourselves.

Open and deepen the experience of communion with all of life and Gaia.

Help reveal our unique core purpose for coming into this life and how to fulfill that purpose.

The Twelve Guiding Principles

of Natural Liberation

The Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation are a multi-faceted Matrix, where we can enter from many doorways, depending upon our unique situation. Taken together, these Twelve Principles and their associated practices create an all-denominational body of unique teachings that form the Heart Essence of the Way of Nature path.
John P. Milton devoted many years of study, deep training and spiritual cultivation in some of the world's most profoundly enlightening, earth-connected traditions to present these core principles in a clear and concise manner. Synthesized and distilled from the ancient teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, Dzogchen, Tantra, Vedanta, and several Shamanic paths, these 12 Principles are a culmination of John’s many years (starting in 1945) of solo immersion and spiritual practice in the wilderness. For those of you searching for a path to Sacred illumination, these teachings are offered as a useful way to support your journey into the Boundless.

1. The Fundamental Truth

All perceived forms are interconnected, constantly change and continually arise from, manifest within and return to Primordial Source.

2. Commit Yourself Completely to Liberation in this Lifetime

John personally recommends:  That you commit yourself completely to liberation in this lifetime for the benefit of all Beings.

3. Relax 

De-contract, relax, let go, trust and surrender into Life.

WoN Participants Return from AllOne Time with Light in their Eyes