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Programs designed to help you relax, be present, experience your True Nature and open your heart to receive and radiate profound love for all life.
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A series of dialogues with John P. Milton, founder of Way of Nature, and a pioneering ecologist, spiritual teacher, meditation and T'ai Chi master. 
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A collection of videos to engage with the Way of Nature process, including instructional and inspirational content, nature adventures and other material.
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Publications from John P. Milton designed to introduce the Way of Nature process and teachings, as well as publications of historical environmental significance.
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56 6" x 9'' beautiful and inspiring cards (leaves) with water-resistant finish to support your spiritual practice in Nature


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Meet Our Founder, John P. Milton

A pioneering ecologist, spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader and shaman

One of the founding fathers of the environmental movement, John P. Milton has studied extensively many of the world's great spiritual traditions with enlightened masters and in deep communion with Nature. John's love of Nature led him to do his first vision quest at the age of seven. Through Way of Nature, John introduces students to the power of immersing oneself alone in Nature and Spirit, and allowing the innate wisdom of our Three Natures (Outer, Inner and True Nature) to emerge. John is a frequent lecturer, workshop/retreat leader, meditation teacher, T'ai Chi, Qigong and Tantra Master and author of many books.
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Key Benefits of Participating in 

Way of Nature Programs 

Way of Nature (WoN) is a universal, common ground and nature-based path to liberation and deep connection with all of life. This path creatively transmits ancient wisdom into contemporary application that meets our world today. It is designed to help people deepen their connection with the natural world and experience profound healing and personal transformation.
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Relax areas of contraction and transform your body, mind and spirit.

Understand the Importance of presence and being in the moment. 

Cultivate innate receptivity and vibrancy in full presence.

Immerse in the Way of Nature worldwide community.

Recognize the  interconnectivity of all forms of Nature.

Reconnecting with the Three Natures

Our process combines Awareness Training with meditative time spent alone (AllOne) in Nature. This Awareness Training provides highly essentialized principles and practices to connect with Outer, Inner and True Nature. With roots that stem from many of the world's great liberating lineages, Way of Nature is a truly unique, effective path that illuminates indescribable joy arising out of our authentic communion with the Three Natures. 

Outer Nature 

The amazing rainbow display of the dance of all forms of existence. These forms are perceived through the nine experiential fields of Inner Nature.

Inner Nature

The perceptions and experiences of life refined through deeper connection to our five senses, energy, movement, and flow of emotions and thoughts.  

True Nature

The vast, open, clear Sacred Source Awareness Essence of your deepest Being. Formless, boundless, unborn, undying. 

"Let's spend more time with wild Nature, ideally in periods of solitude, experiencing Nature as a Sacred Space. In this Way, may we deepen our love and authentic relationship with the rest of our Family of Life. In so doing may we learn the ancient lessons of how to support harmony, balance and authentic connection with Outer, Inner and our own True Nature. 
- John P. Milton

John Milton, The Way of Nature (2018) from Visionary Films Stockholm on Vimeo.

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Way of Nature is a Global Community

Insights and Expressions of the Heart from Way of Nature Participants Around the World

Peter Senge
Author of The Fifth Discipline and co-author, Presence

"John Milton is one of the truly important teachers coming out of the American cultural context today; he has a unique capacity to help people into an encounter with nature that catalyzes their deepest sense of purpose and innate capacities as leaders."

Cheryl Esposito
Founder of Alexsa Consulting and Center for World Leadership

"John, your work is powerful beyond words. My experience in deep connection to nature has put me completely in connection with MY nature... my authentic self, where the power to make a difference in the world resides."


Mark Stevenson
Vice President, Merrill Lynch 

"John teaches us about our connection to the Earth, to each other, to all. The information (he teaches) is already changing my life, and has the power to change the world."

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