WoN Guides

Brad Kahland

Senior Guide

Crestone, CO

Brad Kahland began his study with John P. Milton in 2002, joining a Sacred Passage in Baja California Mexico. Since that first Passage 20 years ago, Brad has completed many Passages and a 28-Day and 44-Day Solo Awareness Training in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Crestone, Colorado where he currently resides. Having also completed an 8-year Advanced Awareness Training with John, Brad guides Sacred Passage programs, as well as provides teaching and logistical support for other Way of Nature programs. Brad designs, organizes, and guides multi-day Wilderness River Rafting programs and Whale Encounter Expeditions for Way of Nature. He enacts his own wilderness meditation solos each year. Brad has enjoyed a close relationship with Nature since growing up in the Ozark Mountains of rural Arkansas, and values the trainings with John which have brought an incalculable depth and breadth to his path of relationship with inner and outer Nature and the communion of the two. He is happiest when able to share this joyful path of mystery with others.
In addition to studying with John, Brad has been blessed with receiving teachings from several Native American teachers from Lakota, Ojibwe, and Hopi lineages.
Along with his work guiding Sacred Passage programs, Brad has worked as a Grand Canyon National Park Ranger, a Sea Kayak Guide in Monterey Bay and Tomales Bay, California, an Adventure Guide in Vietnam, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., and a naturalist in Boulder, Colorado.Ā Brad's professional work also includes work with wilderness therapy programs in Colorado for adolescents and their families, serving variously as a Field Instructor, Logistics Coordinator, Education Director, and Family Counselor. Through this extensive outdoor guiding experience, he alsoĀ maintains a Wilderness First Responder medical certification. Brad was also a support team member of the Extreme Ice Survey, a global project documenting the rapid retreat of the world's glaciers.

Jennifer Menke

Senior Guide

Yucatán, Mexico

Jennifer Menke has been studying and apprenticing with John P. Milton since 2003 and completed his 7-year Advanced Awareness Training within this time. She has completed over 500 days of solitary AllOne time in Nature and has led and supported Way of Nature retreats in Crestone, Colorado, Canyonlands, Utah, Baja California Sur and Yucatán, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Europe.
She’s a fellow of the Academy for Systems Change, Founder and Executive Director of Regenerative Earth, and is currently working on preserving biological diversity and indigenous wisdom through systems change in keystone ecosystems globally.
She is also mentored by Apache/Yaqui wisdom lineage holder La’ne Saan Moonwalker, and brings her love for the Earth and her healing and teaching gifts into all she does.

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