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"John is an exceptional teacher, consultant, trainer, guide, leader and expert in organizational transformation work and environmental studies. I have been involved with John since the early '90s, and I highly recommend working with him to transform your organization for the 21st century."
~Vasken Kalayjian

Get Your Team Outdoors and Inspired

As workplaces are transforming rapidly toward greater efficiency, creativity, productivity, and connectivity, Way of Nature programs offer unique teachings for modern people to achieve their highest potential by reconnecting with Nature. Our programs offer experiential teachings that help inspire a deeper sense of purpose, awaken higher functions and spark creative energy through deep immersion into and connection with the Three Natures: Outer, Inner and True Nature.
We can help you design a custom leadership training program tailored precisely for your organization.
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John has trained countless people across all faiths and traditions, industries and global locations. His approach and trainings help cultivate immense appreciation for the natural world. Participants are able to use Way of Nature teachings to achieve total relaxation allowing for more genuine creativity and connectivity to emerge. 

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