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"I remembered all those moments in my life that I was truly connected. How it somehow falls into place and makes way for a deeper trust and inner peace. I gave up understanding and started to accept. The idea that this was not without purpose but somehow that it is part of something greater and more meaningful than just me or you. Not only my mind or my thoughts seem to experience that, but my whole being is experiencing it. And that felt like coming home."
~Nature Quest Participant, 2008

Nature Quest Program

This program provides the platform to venture deeply into the sacred union of one's true inner Nature with the mystery of outer Nature. In this sense, our Sacred Passage and Nature Quest retreats are rooted in, and inspired by, ancient intentions found in classical Vision Quests. Nature Quest programs follow the same basic structure of a Sacred Passage retreat, but range from two to nine days. The two or three day Nature Quests typically run over a weekend, and can be extended slightly by starting on a Friday. The longest Nature Quest is nine days, usually starting on a Saturday as a travel/arrival day, and ending nine days later on a Sunday, which is also the departure day.

Many of our Nature Quest programs are custom designed according to the region in which they are hosted. Since 2008, we have offered numerous Nature Quests through WoN partnerships in Sweden, England, Australia, Bali, and more... each reflecting the unique needs of the participants in that region.

If you would like to host a Nature Quest program in your area, we encourage you to fill out our Custom Program Request form.
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An ideal way to introduce new people to the Way of Nature process, many of our Nature Quest programs are custom designed according to the region in which they are hosted.

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