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Interested in the WoN process but not yet ready for an overnight solo?

"What I learned with you and out in nature is so fundamental to everything else I do today. Thank you, always."
-Runa Bouius (Iceland and Los Angeles)

Natural Renewal Programs

Day Program

The Day of Natural Renewal begins with a group check-in and is followed by practices that help you relax, cultivate presence, and refine your senses.
A period of solo time in nature follows, providing you with the opportunity to connect with inner and outer nature in your own way. The tools you learn will greatly support your availability to establish a deep and lasting connection with Source and all of life.
The day concludes with reflective dialogue and practices to help you integrate your experience back into your everyday life.

Weekend Program

The Weekend of Natural Renewal is an extended introductory program to the Way of Nature process. It consists of two full days of awareness training and solitary time in nature.
During the Awareness Training, you will learn practices to cultivate presence, relaxation and sensory refinement, as well as ways to recognize and liberate internal emotional and energetic blockages. We will begin each morning with Qigong and a unique Gaia Flow practice developed by John P. Milton. Following this are additional teachings and practices to help you cultivate awareness and make a deep and lasting connection to Source and all of life.
The second portion of each day will be spent in solitary time in nature, allowing you to make your own personal connections between inner and outer nature.
If you would like to host a Natural Renewal program in your area, we encourage you to fill out our Custom Program Request form.
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This program is ideal for those who are drawn to the Way of Nature process, but are not yet ready for an overnight solo. Depending on availability, the program may be taught by John P. Milton or one of his certified WoN Guides.

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