Sacred Passage

Crestone, Colorado

May 11-23, 2023

Explore your Inner Nature connecting deeply with Outer Nature and refine your awareness of your True Nature.  Senior Guide Brad Kahland will teach Way of Nature's unique synthesis of Awareness Training, Energy Cultivation, and shamanic connection with Nature... supported by one of North America's most powerful and ancient sacred places, Crestone and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado.   Register here or scroll down for more details.

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Reset & Healing  

Learn practices that open profound connections to Source Awareness, Inner and Outer Nature, and the Elements to activate self healing and release blockages.

Source Awareness & Liberation

Strengthen and refine your senses through training in the 9 Perceptual Fields of Awareness and in deepening the process of experiential connection.

Deepen Connection to Outer Nature

Way of Nature emphasizes a path profoundly committed to healing our human relationships with Nature and Gaia.

Join us for this Sacred Passage retreat which includes our unique and comprehensive WoN Process 

Source Awareness Training 

Awareness Training will prepare you for your 7 day AllOne time nature solo and also help you reintegrate upon your return.

This program will teach you how to come into a deep state of relaxation while simultaneously cultivating a profound experience of Presence. You will learn powerful and practical ways to transmute old patterns and habits. The core of these teachings are based on WoN's universal Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation: a direct path to Source Awareness that honors the essence of all the world’s great liberating traditions. 

Each morning we will begin our day practicing Qigong and Gaia Flow, which will support the release of blockages stored within your mind and body and bring you into a unified state with all that surrounds you. 

AllOne Time Solo 

AllOne time gives you the opportunity to integrate the Awareness Training practices with the support of solitude in wild Nature.

Towering above our solo camps are five 14,000-foot summits that watch over you with majestic grace. Lovely groves of large ponderosas, aspen and cottonwood line the mountain streams, with neighboring forests of juniper and pinyon pine. You will share the land with mule deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, pronghorn antelope and beautiful black fox squirrels. Bird life abounds and Eagles circle above. A large, beautiful stream flows for more than a mile across our private, protected land where we do Sacred Passage. The stream flows crystal clear and provides superb, revitalizing drinking water for all of us.

Native peoples trace back their vision quests and sacred ceremonies here for over 15,000 years.  In the late 1970's, WoN founder John P. Milton moved to Crestone and was the initial discoverer of an estimated 2,000 ancient stone meditation seats scattered among the Sacred Land Sanctuary.  These special sites continue to be used for vision questing, ceremony and prayer.  Those who journey here feel the powerful joy and opening of Spirit that these cherished surroundings offer. 

When you do Sacred Passage, you join those who have entered the Sacred Way on this land over many thousands of years... you become part of that great lineage of the Land!


Exact dates of training and AllOne Time subject to change based on weather and preparedness of participants.

May 11: Arrive at basecamp. This is a travel day, there are no teachings.

May 12 - 14: Awareness Training

May 14 - 20: AllOne Time solo at chosen site within Sacred Land Sanctuary

May 20 - 22: Re-entry and Integration training

May 23: Travel day


Our 210-acre base camp, the Sacred Land Sanctuary, is located just outside of the town of Crestone, and is centered in one of North America's most sacred areas. This land has been used for vision quests, meditation, prayer and spiritual ceremony for millennia.

The base camp offers shaded camping, clear water from the nearby stream, and a simple cooking facility.

Participants are encouraged to camp at the Sacred Land Sanctuary base camp during the Awareness and Reintegration training.

There are also several AirBnB options available in Crestone.

Program Registration 

Cost: $2250 USD Sacred Passage and Awareness Training tuition fee

Guide & Teacher: Senior WoN Guide Brad Kahland

The Sacred Land is calling

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